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Fundamentals Packaging Technology, Materials And Processes

Author :

Nicholas Cameron

Publisher :

Tritech Digital Media

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130 USD / 10000 INR

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Edition :

1st Ed.

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About the Book

This books covers the basics of Packaging Concepts, Different Types of Packaging Materials, Packaging Machines along with brief chapters on Marketing, Sustainability, Legislation, Hazard Management etc.

Fundamentals Packaging Technology, Materials And Processes

Our Review about the Book

A colorful book with pictorial explanations to make us aware of the extent of marine plastic pollution and some of the solutions to address the issue. The details explained in a condense manner so as to maintain the interest level of the reader.

The book has 10 chapters covering aspects like - Importance of Oceans in our lives, Extent of pollution that has happened, Impact of plastic pollution on oceanic wildlife, Life phases of plastics in the Ocean,Ideas and different initiatives taken by some of the Communities to address the issue. It has also a glossary at the end with some key technical terms explained.

The author has given references of some of the notable incidents, scientific facts & terms related to plastic pollution, which we believe, are useful. Recommended for learners who would like to have a quick overview about plastic pollution in the ocean or for educational institutes or communities for conducting awareness programs.

Some references from the book -

* Each year more than 8–10 million tonnes of our plastic are entering the world’s oceans. This plastic is being blown into the sea by wind, washed into rivers or dropped into the ocean.

* 80 per cent of ocean rubbish comes from land and 20 per cent from fishing and ships.

* Rubber Duck Spill Incident

* Scientists estimate that a massive 5.5 trillion pieces of plastic are floating in the world’s oceans

Our Rating

******(Six) out of 10

Brief explanation about Ocean plastic pollution, causes, effects & "ideas to address" covered in a very concise manner. Well written content. This book may be useful for readers of all age groups from different backgrounds who are interested in about Marine Plastic Pollution. Recommended for beginner level.

A. The book reviews expressed are personal views based on our reading experiences. We have tried our best to share our honest opinion on the books. However, individual reading experiences sometimes vary from reader to reader.
B. The price of the book mentioned above is an approximate price that have been taken from various online and offline sources available at the time of posting the review.
C. The reference texts and images taken from the book are the exclusive properties of the publisher / author only.

Fundamentals Packaging Technology, Materials And Processes

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