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Our Story

AAPAC All Bout Packaging  . . . . . . .  Packaging Prudence Appreciated

We thought of starting this website as a dedicated space for book reviews related to  Packaging & its Allied fields in 2021. It was primarily because of three reasons, which we faced regularly - 

First, most of the technical books available on packaging/ allied subjects are expensive (at least as per Indian market context). Hence, before investing money on any book(s), the reader should have a dedicated source for accessing reviews of those books.  

Second, we found very limited online resources available ( till year 2021) for packaging related book reviews.  

Third, we have a well stocked library of books, related to packaging and its allied fileds, which we refer regularly for work. Hence, as a beginning, we would share our personal reviews on those books which we already read. 

Apart from Book reviews, we have many other features for helping our readers to gain regular insights in packaging technicals.  Based on readers' feedback and suggestions, we would rephrase the contents and features of this site in future.

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Our Background

All aBout Packaging is a team of Packaging Enthusiasts backed by a coterie of packaging aficionados with extensive experience in packaging domain - Innopack Packaging Consultants.  (

Brief Innopack Packaging Consultants - Packaging professionals & Trainers who assist clients in solving their packaging related problems starting from packaging material selection, packaging material sourcing (where to buy packaging materials) etc. They also help in suggesting packaging suitable for any product, conducting audit of packaging suppliers, packaging prototype and mold making, packaging designing including artworks, addressing packaging related customer complaints, cost optimisation in packaging, suggesting export packaging etc. 

Innopack has Pan-India operation with our prime location in New Delhi with presence at Bhubaneswar - Odisha and Vadodara- Gujarat.

Caters to wide range of sectors like Cosmetics, Food & Beverages, Food Chains and Restaurants, FBO Home Delivery Packaging, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Automobiles, Engineering, Pipes & Fittings, Apparels/Garments, Furniture, Handicrafts, Veterinary, Paints and Adhesives, E-commerce, Retail and Consumer Goods etc. The team also works with Start ups, Self Help groups, Entrepreneurs, MSMEs, Exporters, NGOs, Educational and Research Institutes etc. as their Packaging Mentors and Trainers. You may reach us on email (see the footer) or submit your query on Innopack site. 

Meet The Team

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