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Hello! Welcome to my unique blog where I share with you life’s unpredictable ebbs and flows. All About Packaging has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my experiences and insights with my readers.

Welcome to AAPAC All Bout Packaging. This is a unique knowledge space for getting information , skills and advisory services related to designing of product package, storage, shelf life and technical expertise related to Product packaging. Here it will be one stop shop to get all details related to technical information, book reviews, product package reviews, ideas, training programs, consultancy sessions etc.  We would be catering our Clients & Readers with the unique approach that they will get all Packaging Designing related services at one place only, which is rare to find. 

The dictionary meaning of word BOUT is a short period of intense activity of a specified kind.  Here we aim to provide the readers short but intensive knowledge related to product packaging and its related fields so that the interested reader could get the knowledge on the subject with shortest period of time. 

We would be posting brief technical insights for readers interested in enhancing their skills in the related fields. These insights are reflections of our experiences gathered over years of adventure in this field. We cherish these experiences through our work including technical studies, project executions, case investigations, interactions with industry peers, manufacturers, experts etc. Hope you would enjoy our readings.


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